Dr. Katerina Zissouli is a dedicated and experienced education professional who has focused her career on the pursuit of academic excellence at every level. Accompanied with her commitment to education, Dr. Zissouli has long had a passion for literature, which has played a significant role in her professional path. As an accredited instructor and respected author, Dr. Katerina Zissouli has been fortunate enough to share her passion and theories with peers and students alike.

Katerina Zissouli’s main interest lies, primarily, in teaching and teaching theories. In fact, in 2012, Katerina published a book on multiple intelligence and curriculum development. Currently, she is working on a manuscript addressing the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Multiple Intelligence in Higher Education Curriculum Development. At the same time, Katerina is at the editing stages of her first book of fiction, which is being published by Scrivener, Ontario. Additional research interests address some of Katerina Zissouli’s specializations, such as Institutional Assessment, about which she has presented at various conferences and workshops. Since 2004, Katerina has been working on effectively addressing writing across the curriculum on the college campus. Katerina has completed an essay on “The Deterritorialization of Maria Nefeli and the Reterritorialization of Meaning in Odysseus Elytis’s Poetry,” which is under consideration for publication.

Dr. Katerina Zissouli finds that she is able to communicate better with her students because of her deep understanding of literature, language, and linguistics.  Because of her love for literature and linguistics, Katerina is a published author and is currently work on a book of her own to be published in the next few years.

Katerina Zissouli is a deeply passionate educator and literature expert.  She uses these passions to help her understand teaching theories, as well as how the brain works to learn new material.  Studying these two topics helped her in writing her first book on Multiple Intelligence in Higher Education Curriculum and Emotional Intelligence.  She pieces together in her book how intelligence plays a role in learning.  Diving deep into this theory, Katerina shows how college curriculum can continue to grow and be perfected for college students everywhere.

For more about Katerina Zissouli, visit her website at KaterinaZissouli.com!